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Standard Troops
AMO01 - Moorish Infantry

Moorish Infantry

  • 4 figures per strip
  • 4 Command strips per pack
  • 20 line strips per pack

Total - 96 Figures

EU: £7.20
Elsewhere: £6.00

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AMO03 - Moorish Cavalry

Moorish Cavalry

  • 3 figures per strip
  • 15 strips per pack

Total - 45 Figures

EU: £8.40
Elsewhere: £7.00

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Army Packs
- SPQR Numidian Army

SPQR Numidian Army

  • 10 units of skirmishers
  • 10 units of Light Horse
  • 1 General


Polemos SPQR army compositions are for a small 20 base army. Unit sizes are: Close order infantry units = 36 figures Close order cavalry units = 9 figures Skirmisher infantry units = 8 figures Light cavalry units = 3 figures Elephants, Chariots and bolt throwers = 1 model. Bases are not included

EU: £12.76
Elsewhere: £10.63

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"Added" by milocarteret
18th Sep 2017

New releases - Some 20thC bits and pieces by Nick the Lemming
18th Sep 2017

Polemos ECW and Thirty Years War by Nick the Lemming
18th Sep 2017

WW2 armour? by peter
18th Sep 2017

Subject by ironass
16th Sep 2017


World Championships (Castle Donington)
7th Oct 2017-8th Oct 2017

Fiasco (Royal Armouries, Leeds)
29th Oct 2017

Crisis TBC (Hanger 29, Antwerp)
4th Nov 2017

Warfare (Rivermead Centre, Reading)
18th Nov 2017-19th Nov 2017

Battleground TBC (Stockton on Tees)
26th Nov 2017


GWB28 - British 8GWB28
British 8" howitzer and crew

WWG25 - Fallschirmjaeger 8cm mortar and crewWWG25
Fallschirmjaeger 8cm mortar and crew

WWG29 - Fallschirmjaeger 105mm recoilless and crewWWG29
Fallschirmjaeger 105mm recoilless and crew

WWG28 - Fallschirmjaeger 75mm recoilless and crewWWG28
Fallschirmjaeger 75mm recoilless and crew

GSC12 - Confluence SectionsGSC12
Confluence Sections