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PM n815e
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Japanese peasants
5th Feb 2015 02:11:59

I would love to see peasants for the Samurai range.  Maybe a pack with farm implements and one with bamboo spears. They would be useful for a variety of forces in the period and would allow the creation of Ikko-Ikki forces.

PM Twitchy
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Japanese peasants
5th Feb 2015 03:33:15

Suggest that you might like to look at:

[[ECW05]] - Clubmen

... as a substitute, while the sculptors are hard at work. If you use a little imagination with the paint job and perhaps some green stuff to make 'coolie' hats, then you might end up with something that will look about right from a distance. Some of the figures have muskets. Others have a variety of pointy sticks.

I have just taken a very close look at mine with a magnifying hood - the catalogue photo doesn't really do them justice.

Hope this helps.

PM n815e
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Japanese peasants
6th Feb 2015 09:01:27


Thanks for the suggestion.  I think that I could get away with a substitution like that on some of those small models, like 3mm.  On detailed models like Baccus 6mm, it would be just too obvious.




PM HestonFan
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Japanese peasants
5th Mar 2015 05:51:42

I am really interested in peasants of the Asian variety.  I am currently working on a Taiping rebellion project.  Most of the combatants wore silk tops and pants and various headgears.  I want to use baccus' japanese retainers as Taiping and Imoerial soldiers.   I will give them turbans and longer spears and try to figure out how to model some matchlocks.  This conflict took place from 1851-1866.  You would think that the models would not work.  

I never would have considered the club men as Asian peasants.  I will have to give them some consideration.  I wish there were better pictures of them.  The current picture looks washed out.

I have not had a good look at the retainers but I believe they will work.  6mm is great for embellishing details with broad strokes. For an example of this check out my blog...


I have some Asian peasants on there that I am currently working on.  I have a lot of baccus 6mm models on there.  I am not encouraging you to do what I did. I am only showing you what can be done in 6mm conversion wise.

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PM peter
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Japanese peasants
9th Mar 2015 08:46:14

One reason what I've never done Ikko-Ikki 'peasants' is that given the amount of captured equipment that accumulated, I think that very quickly they would have taken on the appearance of their opponents!   If you do feel the need to have something a little less regular, why not dip into the mediaeval range and use the retainers and Sohei to add a little something to your bases?

- The Overlord
PM Broeders
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Japanese peasants
21st Mar 2015 09:44:45

I tend to use ashigaru as they are easy to convert to basic peasants (remove sashimono and file helmet down). Rapier Indian Swordsmen convert easily to unarmoured ronin / Sohei.  Failing that any medieval spear-armed troops could do. 

PM frnqtr
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Japanese peasants
24th May 2015 10:01:33

I would love to see Japanese peasants added to the line



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