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TOPIC: Napolionics and bases
PM Goffik
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Napolionics and bases
14th Jun 2015 05:33:16

Hi everyone,

I am looking at starting some 6mm projects, namely Napoleonic. I was wondering what size bases the units need to be based on or is it solely dependant on the rule-set as this site sells bases of one size, but other sites show bases of other sizes.

Any information will be greatly appriciated.



Email Extra Crispy PM Extra Crispy
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Napolionics and bases
Extra Crispy
14th Jun 2015 11:14:31

Hello Goffik:

The Baccus strips are 20mm wide so I base all my Baccus on 20x20mm metal (steel) bases. When I play a Poleomos style game, I make 60mm wide bases with sheet magnet and just put three steel bases on this larger base. Then I can very easily cut magnet bases to size for whatever rules set we're playing that week.


Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Napoleonics and bases
15th Jun 2015 10:46:55

It very much depends on what you want to model - brigades, regiments, battalions? I am most likely to go for 60mmx6omm for rules such as Volley and Bayonet, The Painting Shed, Blucher and of course Polemos.

PM njt236
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Napolionics and bases
15th Jun 2015 02:08:36

I base 60mm frontage regardless of rulesets.

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