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TOPIC: modern infantry
PM adam west
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modern infantry
adam west
4th Jun 2016 12:20:30

I think i remember Peter saying no new ranges but seen as there is a gap in the market (im not keen on ghq's offerings) how about some modern(ish) infantry? I'll be using Flames of war's Team Yankee rules (set in the 80's) so i would need .....


M16 firing/advancing & officers/radiomen 3 packs of 96 

M249 saw 3 packs of 12

M72 LAW 3 pacs of 12

M47 Dragon 3 packs of 12


AK47 advancing/firing & officers/radiomen 3 packs of 96

RPG7 3 packs of 12

PKM lmg 3 packs of 12

SA-14 GREMLIN 3 packs of 12

USSR Airborne (not sure if there is a vast difference in unifrom?)

AGS 17 grenade launchers 3 packs of 12

AT4 SPIGOT missile teams 3 packs of 12

RPG18 3 packs of 12

AK74 advancing/firing & officers/ radiomen

im going by the ww2 pack contents.

Any thoughts?


PM BPGreenman
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modern infantry
8th Jun 2016 04:21:05

I will happily pay cash money to preorder that!!

Baccus is just so so so so much better than GHQ!


PM peter
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modern infantry
8th Jun 2016 08:34:34

Perhaps a good moment to reiterate the rules.   I would need combined pledges for 50 packs for each code required.    Are there enough of you out there slavering at the thought of these codes?

- The Overlord
PM njt236
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modern infantry
8th Jun 2016 11:00:25

Not quite Modern enough for me sorry. I'd prefer ultra modern.

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NW Frontier 1897 by ironass
22nd Feb 2018

ECW generic flags by Jmedmans
22nd Feb 2018

Great War Redoubts by LEmpereur
21st Feb 2018

Polemos FPW by Romulus
16th Feb 2018

models in Marian Roman Army Pack by peter
15th Feb 2018


Hammerhead (Newark Showground)
3rd Mar 2018

Salute (Excel Centre, London)
14th Apr 2018

Partizan (Kelham Hall, Newark)
20th May 2018

Phalanx (Sutton Leisure Centre, St. Helens)
16th Jun 2018

Joy of Six (Sheffield)
15th Jul 2018


Great War British - Desert Mounted CorpsGreat War British
Desert Mounted Corps

Great War Indian - Indian Army Division PackGreat War Indian
Indian Army Division Pack

GWE15 - Indian 2.5GWE15
Indian 2.5" RBL and crew

GWE13 - Indian cavalryGWE13
Indian cavalry

GWE12 - Indian Vickers Guns and crewGWE12
Indian Vickers Guns and crew