Hi All,  As part of their 200th commemorations the Armouries are having a wargaming event on 13 and 14 June. The orginal idea, a long time ago (remember the email Peter?) was to have an event to show our hobby off to the general public, different rules/ system and scales etc. and a chance for us to play in the armouries with real muskets etc around. Well big organisations move slowly and the original idea has been bashed around, altered and reinvented. So now at the eleventh hour we seem to have a chance to enact the orginial idea and put on Napoelonic games (the more varied the better) demos or participation at the armouries on that weekend (Saturday, Sunday or both days) just as long we talk to the public and play nice. I know its short notice but let me know if anyone is interested and I'll pass your details on. (painting demos welcome as well Mike)   




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