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TOPIC: Action at Marchais-en-Brie
PM monk2002uk
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Action at Marchais-en-Brie
6th May 2015 07:04:53

During the First Battle of the Marne in September 1914, there were two German armies (First and Second) operating nearest to Paris. The armies became separated as the French attack went in on the German First Army, forcing it to wheel back to the west. This enabled the French to threaten the German Second Army from its exposed western flank. The action at Marchais-en-Brie was a pivotal attack. The French broke through, forcing General von Bülow to recognise that he could no longer hold out. The rest is history as they say... We have included this action in the upcoming First Battle of the Marne supplement to the Great War Spearhead rules. There is an After Action Report of the play testing, which features Baccus early war French and German figures, here.


PM njt236
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Action at Marchais-en-Brie
6th May 2015 05:41:23


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PM Spangenhelm
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Action at Marchais-en-Brie
7th May 2015 06:17:07

That really does look good.  I'm looking forward to the later war Western Front troops.  Yes, I did see those German lancers!

PM Captain Darling
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Action at Marchais-en-Brie
Captain Darling
20th May 2015 04:01:22


Great looking set up there! The game seemed to run well. Champion!

Its probably just me and my preconceived ideas of the early WW I formations but the bases look a bit sparse with only four figures on them!

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PM monk2002uk
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Action at Marchais-en-Brie
21st May 2015 10:08:41

Thank you for the feedback. I understand your point about the sparse looking bases. The main reason is pragmatic. It enables me to get more bases up and running. By the start of WW1, it was the case that formations were significantly more spread out. Many times you will see reference to the 'empty battlefield', where soldiers on either side had difficulty making out where the enemy was. Lastly, it is the total numbers of bases on the table that makes the impression IMHO. Check out the First Battle of the Marne here as a sample of what I aim for. It is just a personal thing.






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