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PM andy110560
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Napoleonic French
30th Jun 2015 03:01:16

Now that my WSS project is coming to a close, I am thinking of returning to my old favourite Napoleonics.

Looking at the line infantry, do the packs contain elite company figures or should I buy these seperately using the elite infantry ? Or would this be me just being pedantic ?

Not yet sure if going to do pre 1812 or post 1812. But there does not seem to be a howitzer model for pre 1812 artillery ? 

In the post 1812 artillery there is no 4 pound or 12 pound guns ? I presume that NFR31H is the 1812-1815 Horse Artillery howitzer ?

Am tempted with post 1812, as the figures seem to have no ornamentation on the shakos, plus all those lovely German chaps can be used as allies or enemies of France depending on how i feel on the day.

Cheers for any comments


PM peter
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Napoleonic French
1st Jul 2015 11:21:21


Line infantry packs are just that - line infantry.  The elites have their own separate codes.  

The pre -1812 French howitzer is there in the listing - NFR08H

Post 1812 the 4pdrs were retired and if I have it right, the 12pdrs were allocated to the Guard.

I'd agree that the later figures are easier to paint, but the cords on the shako do add a certain air to the little chaps...






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PM andy110560
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Napoleonic French
2nd Jul 2015 12:38:58

Hi Peter,


Thanks for the response. Will decide pre or post 1812 nearer the time. 

NFR08H- sorry don't know how I missed that one.

Napoleon did at one point reckon a 6 pounder could replace the 4 and 8 pounders, but how far that got is anybody's guess. After the losses in Russia much of the older equipment was reissued anyway. The OOB's for 1815 show that each Corps did indeed have a 12 pd battery, the 8's were divisional and horse had 4's. Granted the Guard did get more than it's fair share of the heavy stuff, and Guard Horse I have read as having 6 or even 8 pounders. Spain was different, would have been rare to see 12's there, most line artillery was 8 pounders.

Anyway, at this scale it is academic, as even with my WSS stuff we use the same field guns and just decide what weight of shot they are on the day. Adds to the fun and unexpectedness to find you may be outclassed on the day of battle.



PM njt236
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Napoleonic French
2nd Jul 2015 03:34:54

Hi Andy.

Just a quick note. For the Hundred Days Campaign each corps did indeed have a 12pdr battery, the Guard had 3. All divisional guns for the Guard, Line and horse artillery, both Guard and Line were 6pdrs. There were no 4 or  8pdrs.

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