Last night I ran another SYW game using the Might & Reason rules for the Wheaton Light Brigade. The club really like the rules, and now that they are understanding their nuances, the quality of the fighting is improving. The mechanisms of the game are mostly pretty simple (roll a D6 for every strength point, hit on a 6) but still have quite a lot of minor conditions that make for a lot of subtle effects.

Here is a link to the scenario we used with tweaks:

PDF link

Tweaks: I eliminated the Prussian one unit command and also reduced their commander from Great to Good (meaning he got 3D6 of command points instead of 4D6). Grunne on the far right entered as a reinforcement instead of being on map (my table was 1' short).

The Prussians sent half their cavalry to turn the Saxon left, stripping their own right to follow up the attack. The Saxons could have taken advantage but a long string of poor activation rolls left the Prussians untouched.

On the left the Saxons were slow to respond. Flanked, the cavalry rolled up the line, chewing up units like Ms. Pacman in a Godiva shop. It was ugly and over, fast.

I missed a few things as GM that I will clean up for next go round. Might have slowed the Prussian attack but the game was never in doubt. I'll have to look at the scenario and see if it's as lopsided as it feels.

Here is a shot of the table taken from the west edge (troops are on the table but not in start position yet):



Overhead shot of the battlefield:



Two Prussian commands begin to attempt to turn the Saxon keft.



Action shot taken from the Saxon right looking across the battlefield:




Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin