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TOPIC: The Battle of Gettysdorf
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The Battle of Gettysdorf
Extra Crispy
30th Sep 2015 03:41:47

Last night I ran another 6mm game of "Might & Reason." The club had played a number of uneven battles featuring great commanders against incompetent boobs (as opposed to competent ones?). So I created a scenario pitting two good commanders against each other: The Battle of Gettysdorf

The game starts with only a small Prussian cavalry detachment holding a line of hills, while the rest of the army come up. The Austrians come on to the field piecemeal, and have to cross to the other side via the road to Baltigstadt.

The Austrians attacked piecemeal, and I think the Prussian reinforcements came on twoo quickl. so I'll try it again with a slower deployment for them. 

But a good time was had by all. As usual when I GM, I only took one quick, lousy picture!

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

PM Spangenhelm
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1st Oct 2015 12:30:44

If you only took one picture it sounds like the game was hella fun!



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