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TOPIC: Battle of Krasnik 1914
PM monk2002uk
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Battle of Krasnik 1914
24th Oct 2015 04:56:41

When WW1 broke out, the Russian and Austro-Hungarian armies clashed near the town of Krasnik in southern Poland. A series of engagements took place in late August 1914. My sons and I reproduced the 7th engagement, based on a scenario that will appear in the upcoming Great War Spearhead supplement called 'Summer Harvest', which is due out soon. You can see the AAR and photos here. I didn't have time to paint up enough Austro-Hungarian forces, so a German infantry division took the stage. It featured some of the lovely Baccus early WW1 German infantry figures.


Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Battle of Krasnik 1914
24th Oct 2015 08:30:49

Wow, that is one impressive set up.

PM Cerdic
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Battle of Krasnik 1914
25th Oct 2015 06:53:32

Crickey! Impressive is the word!

PM njt236
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Battle of Krasnik 1914
25th Oct 2015 06:58:15

OMG. That is good

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PM monk2002uk
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Battle of Krasnik 1914
26th Oct 2015 02:52:04

Thank you very much for the feedback. It is much appreciated.


PM Spangenhelm
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Battle of Krasnik 1914
26th Oct 2015 05:18:29

Incredible boards.  Made me think of Solzhenitsyn's August 1914 and how I pictured the conflicts described in that book decades ago.



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