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PM Spangenhelm
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Crimean War
8th Nov 2015 06:34:57

I was wondering if the Crimean War is or ever has been considered as a range.  I assume it doesn't have much draw compared to the somewhat similar Napoleonic period.  Is there any possibility of producing Crimean War lines?

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Crimean War
9th Nov 2015 10:13:01

I would suggest that if you are really keen to do this there may be a number of proxies e.g. British Peninsular infantry, British hussars in busby, British foot artillery and French guard artillery, French FPW infantry and much of the French cavalry, Polish or Austrian lancers, Prussian Landwehr or Russian Olpechnie for Russian line, Cossacks, Russian hussars in shako, Prussian FPW dragoons for British heavy brigade, etc, etc.  At 6mm most conversions can be achieved just with a paint job.



Email Extra Crispy PM Extra Crispy
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Crimean War
Extra Crispy
9th Nov 2015 02:10:09

Unfortunately I lost it in a computer disaster but a few years ago I had worked out a proxy list. As I recall there was precious little you couldn't get using existing codes. I was going to suggest to Peter he just cross list the products (so, for example, under Crimean British it would list the appropriate Napoleonic infantry, under French the appropriate FPW codes etc.).

It took me an afternoon to work it out. So it can definitely be done!

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

PM Spangenhelm
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Crimean War
9th Nov 2015 03:26:55

Hello Mark,

Yes, I think the only hard substitution would have been the Russian infantry, but the early Great War Germans sew that up nicely, although the FPW Prussians would serve as well.  I'd just put daubs of this stuff onto the coats to extend them into greatcoats.  I've lost count of the helmet plumes, capes and great coats that I made painting this in to fill out various sculpts.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fjp6u-A24M   -  video of acrylic paste

While looking the ranges over and doing some collateral research, I think the thing to do is to simply roll with the 1812 campaign.  It gives the visual effect I am seeking, especially with the Russian and French line infantry in greatcoats, plus the opelchnie and cossacks for Russian flavor.  Its all there, all quality, and ready for immediate use.

I recently had an opportunity to look at a nice 6mm collection at length, classic British and French with cords, braids, pompoms etc. painted to a very high standard, and the complexity at that scale is just too busy for my eyes.  That is what prompted the thinking about the Crimean War with still colorful but simpler (mostly) uniforms, but greatcoats will save the day for the Napoleonics.  There is the significant bonus too of a much wider selection of rules and scenarios too.

I agree with you that there are vast numbers of good substitute figures for other wars lurking within the existing ranges.  Mexican - American War is easy, as is the War of 1812.  The early Great War British have me thinking about 1905 Japanese, or Chinese of a multitude of factions from the 1920s - 1940s. 

PM peter
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Crimean War
16th Nov 2015 09:56:11

You know, you must be the tenth person I've told this week that there is no demand for a Crimean War range.

The Crimea, is one of those projects that we will get round to eventually, but has quite a few more pressing subjects to do ahead of it.  I'm afraid that we are tied to a schedule dictated by how much the sculptors can do in a given time and how much budge we have to pay them.

Now if I were to put the prices up by say, 50% I'd probably have the resources to get a Crimean War range done pretty quickly...



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