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PM recces68
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newbie to wargaming
12th Mar 2017 05:20:12

hello all,

really need some help. ive decided on baccus (awi), ordered awi armies and waiting for new rules coming out but really confused with all the talk of divisional command and corps command etc,etc.

for a new comer what is the best command option to get started, if you guys were new what would you do differently ?. im trying to get my 10 year old son into this aswell so simplicity is key with options to grow..

any help/clarity would be greatly appreciated,




PM Glenn Pearce
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newbie to wargaming
Glenn Pearce
12th Mar 2017 09:02:09

Hello Steve!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Baccus 6mm and this forum. You have picked a perfect venue to enjoy a life long experience with your 10 year old son. The slow part will be painting the figures as your son might be too young to be able to paint the fugures. However, some can at that age, so if possible encourage him to help and you will enjoy that time together. Some things like priming, painting shoes, pants coats, basic horse colours, etc. are generally not too difficult. Take it slow and see what he can do. Of course if your new to painting there could be a bit of a learning curve there as well. Let me know how you make out.

There are different levels of command for every army. In order they are the Army Commander, next are the Corp Commanders, then Divisional Commander, followed by Brigade Commanders and then Regimental and Battalion Commanders. Thats the basic chain of command. When you obtain the rules after reading it you should be able to get a pretty good idea of what an "order of battle" looks like for some of the armies.

One of the basic drivers behind the rules was to make it as easy to learn as possible. Hopefully I obtained that goal so it's great to hear from you so that I can see just how well I did. More importantly I'm here to answer any questions on the rules that you might have. So as soon as you can fire them off and I'll do my best to answer you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


PM recces68
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Posts: 5
newbie to wargaming
13th Mar 2017 03:50:53

Thanks Glenn,

Really looking forward to starting, something ive wanted to do for years but never got round to it for various reasons. Its a bit daunting for newbies so any advice is appreciated from anybody.... bring on the rules !!!.

PM jozistinman
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newbie to wargaming
13th Mar 2017 06:05:28

Welcome Steve!

I have done a bit of gaming with kids, and you are in for some fun! I suggest when you start out, you give him no more than 6 "things" to command, be it battalions or 6 guys in a skirmish game.  As for rules, I suggest you pick up a copy of Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargames, availible cheap on Kindle:


The rules are very straightforward and can be setup and played with a minimum of fuss on the kitchen table.  Later, you can graduate him to more complex rules if you wish.  

Here are some of my OHW pics: http://jozistinman.blogspot.com/search/label/One%20Hour%20Wargames

AWI will be a perfect period as well, as if you are in the US, reenactments can really fire his imagination.  Keep us updated on how our project goes,  they will paint faster than you think, remember yiu are painting units and not individual figures, don't forget the 3 foot rule, and follow Peter's advice on painting!



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