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TOPIC: Sorry and all that, but...
PM chopperboydan
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Sorry and all that, but...
20th Mar 2017 07:41:42

That settles it! I'm going to have to get a huge order of ZULU's in pretty quick then ;)



PM Glenn Pearce
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Sorry and all that, but...
Glenn Pearce
20th Mar 2017 08:56:19

According to the picture that war was a lot shorter than I thought it was.

Peter, thank you for holding the line on your prices for as long as you have. It has cost you money that you didn't deserve to lose. Right after the vote a number of my Canadian and American friends started to order a number of things from the UK. Who could resist, our dollars were never higher vs the pound. Hopefully someday somebody will set it right again.

PM mangemani
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Sorry and all that, but...
20th Mar 2017 10:49:57

come on now, 10% more on 6 pounds(the price for shipment to sweden) is like nothing. not even with 100% rise, thats 12 pounds per pack, even that is nothing. it had been much much worse if the price was 30-40 pounds, then it would sting a bit to order.

PM Thorus84
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Sorry and all that, but...
23rd Mar 2017 09:36:34

The wee men are totally worth it. ;) We all benefit from an healthy business of yours.
What frightens me more is that upcoming Brexit. Hope, that there will be no big obstacles for delivery into EU, considering customs and stuff...  

PM BPGreenman
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Sorry and all that, but...
23rd Mar 2017 06:49:57

Happy to pay that! All day long!!!!


PM jozistinman
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Sorry and all that, but...
23rd Mar 2017 07:37:13

Oddly enough Brexit and the falling pound has increased my purchasing from Baccus, but I am sure my 4 times a year $50 purchases are not going to make up for the other impacts.  Doing what I can for the team, though... Of course here is what the price hike is really all about:


PM Harlequin
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Sorry and all that, but...
24th Mar 2017 10:15:53

Well, as long as there's a an entire deck with a wargames table stretching from bow to stern, that's okay! :)

PM pushing.tin
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Sorry and all that, but...
24th Mar 2017 09:19:57

is the yacht part of the new Bond villain range?

PM Baron Clenawly
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Sorry and all that, but...
Baron Clenawly
27th Mar 2017 09:20:45

Turkish Infantry.. that's a Delight!

Looking forward to more 'Mespot' figures

Remember when you could get a 25mm Minifigs figure for 6p. However I was only on 50p/week pocket money then. Prices are all relative and will inevitably increase.


PM jbickley00
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Sorry and all that, but...
10th Apr 2017 08:35:19

10 pounds per pack! When I first started this 6mm adventure it was under 4 pounds per pack, so prices have more than doubled in a decade. This is not Peter's fault at all. And the Baccus miniatures are a terrific value. But let's not act like the cost of this hobby has not skyrocketed in a decade. 10 pounds per pack is not cheap. It might be reasonable, necessary and appropriate, but it's not cheap.



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