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TOPIC: Ancients resculpted range
PM georgi.zh
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Ancients resculpted range
25th Mar 2017 04:47:19

Hello, I'm planning a purchase on the ancients greek range to play out the Macedonian and Peloponese wars. I remember spotting somewhere on the net something about re-sculpting parts or all of the ancients range. My question is are both Macedonian and Greek ranges featuring the aforementioned newer sculpts (with supposedly beeter casting) and if not which one?

Pardon my ignorance, but I'm  coming from the bigger 30mm and above ranges and it has been imprinted on me that newer equals better casting and detail. I have no idea if this is the case with 6mm baccus (or other manufacturers') miniatures as they has stayed in metal for all their lifetime as I've heard.

PM mangemani
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Ancients resculpted range
25th Mar 2017 07:44:46

before my first baccus order i was very sceptic, "how can details be good on something this small", but i was totaly blown of my feet when i first lay my eyes on them IRL, they are incredible detailed and nicely sculpted. i have very hard to belive that the new sculpts would be worse. they are ofc not thatdetailed as an 30mm+ figure, but for this 6mm, scale, incredible.

but on the other hand, the point with these 6mm is NOT to paint all the details(painting all the details will just look mesy. less is more on these ones, i mean, you will think"why did i put down so much time painting those sandals, cause no one will ever see them"), the point is to just get some paint on them and focus on the key elements on the figs

PM georgi.zh
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Ancients resculpted range
26th Mar 2017 04:32:53

 I'm not concerned about how much detail is there as opposed with larger miniatures (I really can't make anything out of the pictures in the catalogue) - I was qurious mostly about the presense of detail. I've seen some roman cavalry models from two companies, next to each other and one had  (judging by the pictures) flat, somewhat shapeless surface, while the other had the necessary components which would hold the paint (armour pieces etc.). I was wondering if model age would be the cause hence my question about the new range.

In the absence of other information (aside from your assurance) I guess I'll just have to make a blind purchase and hold my thumbs.

PM Mollinary
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Ancients resculpted range
26th Mar 2017 05:22:17

I have large numbers of the figures from the Greek range, all of which I believe were resculpted a few years ago. They are beautiful figures. I think, but others may confirm or deny, that the Macedonian and Successor figures were not updated at the same time.


PM peter
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Ancients resculpted range
27th Mar 2017 10:51:49

Both the Greek and the Macedonians were resculpted at approximately the same time.   The Successor sculpts remain the orginal versions, but are still very well detailed and animated models - I am sure that others will support that statement.

One of the main drivers of resculpts is the rate at which the moulds have worn, not the quality of the models themselves.

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