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TOPIC: Battle of Quatre Bras - Blucher AAR
PM Captain Darling
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Battle of Quatre Bras - Blucher AAR
Captain Darling
20th Jun 2017 01:08:40

Hi All!

We've played our second Napoleonic game using Blucher rules, the Battle of Quatre Bras. We repeated history with the French being forestalled and the Allied army securing a victory by holding the vital crossroads. All the figures are from my Baccus armies :-)...

The opening gambit the French line up to assault the farm of Gemioncourt in the centre of the Allied line...

Hours and three attacks later Gemioncourt finally falls to the French...

Hubers light cavalry brigade reaches Quatre Bras (centre of picture to the left of the town) after hammering two Allied brigades but without infantry support they'd shot their bolt and were left in an exposed position...

With night falling the Allies recapture Gemioncourt and seal a decisive victory...

The full AAR is on the TSOG Blog...


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PM njt236
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Battle of Quatre Bras - Blucher AAR
20th Jun 2017 05:33:57

Thankyou Darling. very nice

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