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TOPIC: Basing and Number of Models - Questions from a wretched noob
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Basing and Number of Models - Questions from a wretched noob
8th Aug 2017 01:31:39


I'm looking at trying to drag my friends into historic gaming and I fancy giving 6mm a go to make things suitably "epic".

I'd like to base so that I can try a lot of different systems (for me that is part of the appeal of historicals) including Hail Caesar, Sword & Spear, Impetus and Swordpoint (other suggestions gratefully received).  I think HC is where we will end up but that is just my hunch.  I know that DBA / FOG are a bit more fussy about base dimensions and I am happy to miss out on those in the name of flexibility.  

So my first question is one that I think is already answered on the forums but it is good to hear new views on - if I base my army 60x30 stands, two stands to a unit, will that allow me to play the systems above against other armies based in the same way (accepting that we will need to houserule around things like base removal on Swordpoint - though I've read that getting around this is not as big a problem as you would assume).  The alternative would, I think, be to base 40x20, which would also open up Warmaster Ancients, though most people seem to think that HC essentially replaces WA.

My second question is how many figures I should have on a base.  The HC army packs seem to assume 24 or 16 figures on a 60x30 in two ranks.  Is that enough on the table or does it look a little "understaffed"?  What about when a Phalanx gets involved - do you stick with 24 figures, huddle them up and leave space either side?  Interested in people's thoughts on what looks "right".  

Many thanks for your thoughts,


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Basing and Number of Models - Questions from a wretched noob
8th Aug 2017 04:00:44

Although the standard Polemos basing is 60x30 I find 30x30 gives a more flexible approach. I use my C19th figures for BBB, which has varying numbers of bases for units, based on their historical size. These Baccus Bavarians are based this way:

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Basing and Number of Models - Questions from a wretched noob
Glenn Pearce
9th Aug 2017 12:22:31

Hello Chris!

I wouldn't stray from the 6mm standard basing of 60mm x 30mm. It's called "standard" for a reason. The vast majority of 6mm players are using it. The dynamics are perfect for any level of gaming, they look like real units, Baccus sells their figures to match, I can go on and on, but I trust you already know most of the advantages. Should you want to hear more just ask and I'll expand my comments.

Yes, you can play pretty much any rule system using 60x30. Some rule systems will work as is and some might require a few simple house rules and or markers.

You can use 40x20, but they really don't work as well as 60x30. They are just too small for 6mm. They look small and because of their reduced frontage they move around the table more like football/ruby players than large bodies of men in a cohesive unit.

Yes the packs are designed to put 24 figures in two ranks on a base. Some people do this because it works and their happy with the look. It also lets you create a base with a minimum of figures. Most horse & muskets period players do this. However, as ancient periods often involved units with more depth some players use three or even four ranks of figures. It's all up to you, whatever works for you and your mates.

Phalanx is pretty much the same. Some players like to mount their units to look like a phalanx while others don't bother as they generally only adopted the formation in certain situations.

Simply search this site and the web in general for Baccus ancients and I'm sure you will be able to find/see some of the different number of ranks/rows that players use. If your still uncertain simply base up a few when you get your figures and see which depths you like better. After looking at them for about a week the one you like the best should become apparent.

Best regards,




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Basing and Number of Models - Questions from a wretched noob
9th Aug 2017 08:39:50

If you are going to go for rules such as Impetus, or To the Strongest then go bigger - 80mm wide bases are standard for smaller scale Impetus. Another possibility is DBA where 60mm frontage is used for 28mm figures. Simply play the rules to this base scale with 6mm figures on the base. Personally I don't much care for the big bases once history gets past the pike era - the units become difficult to manoeuvre and don't handle high terrain well. Having tried a number of Polemos rules sets the only one I am happy with and have based for is the ECW set.

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Basing and Number of Models - Questions from a wretched noob
15th Aug 2017 09:31:13

Personally all mine are based on 40x20. I've done the same with both my napoleonics and ancients and it's worked fine for me. The thing I have is that I don't get involved with gaming groups etc  where base size would become an issue. I only play with the same person and he's based his stuff in the same way. We've found this works fine for DBx / FoG and we've played Hail Caesar and Black Powder using the same bases. In the case of the latter you can either combine bases to make larger units or if you're low on resources then you can use a base as a unit. The bonus we've found with this (although some of the measurements need tweaking in the rules) is you can play a big game on a 2x2 board with the same amount of units etc as you'd use on a 6x4 in 28mm if you see what I mean.

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Basing and Number of Models - Questions from a wretched noob
16th Aug 2017 10:14:16

Hi All,

I believe this is all down to personal preference and as i am in the final stage of completing a commision for The battle of Ramilles where all of the infantry have been based 3 deep in 48 figure battalions and all of the cavalry 2 deep in 24 figure regiments and they look really effective. Whilst obviously more expensive as you are using more figures, i think these give a more realistic feel to the units. Having said that i have nothing against the 60x30 basing and the advantage here is that the Baccus figure packs are designed around the 24 figure foot and 9 figure cavalry. not sure how to post pics on here but if anyone is interested i can send pics from the shows or from my facebook photos. - as long as this doesnt break any rules. Alternatively i believe there are pictures on the web from both carronade and claymore wargames shows.



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