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PM Boeder
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Wild West
9th Sep 2017 07:48:30

Are there any plans to produce Cowboys and Indians? It would supplement the Civil War range. I ask mainly because at sixty I'm reverting to my childhood and want a cool stagecoach to play with. 

PM Fitz
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Wild West
9th Sep 2017 08:30:31

I completely agree with Boeder's suggestion. I would very much like to see a nice range of Plains Indians to supplement the ACW selection. I know I would certainly be in the market for these miniatures. 

PM peter
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Wild West
11th Sep 2017 10:26:11

Pony Wars is definitely on the cards, and this may include some Wild West paraphanalia.

- The Overlord
PM njt236
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Wild West
11th Sep 2017 03:03:56

YES. Custer rides again. Mick at Leven Miniatures produces a nice range of Wild West town buildings. This would compliment those perfectly. I've a copy of the old Pony Wars rules somewhere.


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PM Boeder
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Wild West
12th Sep 2017 06:43:34

Thanks, I just checked out Leven Miniatures. A very nice selection.

PM chopperboydan
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Wild West
15th Sep 2017 06:12:19

always fancied doing The Battle of Little Bighorn in 6mm :)




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