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PM CanadaSteve
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Essex UK ?
6th Aug 2017 10:23:15

Just about to dip into the world of 6mm and was wondering if there are any gamers in the Essex area who already play? If so what periods and rules as am looking at doing FPW but need a rule set and more importantly opponents.




Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Essex UK ?
9th Aug 2017 12:47:01


Unfortunately I missed being an Essex boy by 2 months and consequently am now a dyed in the wool Northerner. I can highly reccomend Bloody Big Battles by Chris Pringle, particularly if you like the FPW, 6mm figures and refighting historical battles. There are 9 FPW scenarios in the rulebook plus more free ones on the BBB Yahoo Group site. There you can also find coloured versions of the rulebook maps to download. All the scenarios, bar one, fit on a 6'x4' table. There is an accompanying scenario book featuring other European wars, eg Franco-Austrian, Austro-Prussian and Crimean, plus a mass of other free scenarios on the Yahoo site, eg ACW, Russo-Japanese War, Boer War, and additional scenarios for the wars featured in the two books. This really is the best set of rules I have ever used for historical C19th wargaming, a period I have been playing since 1966.

Incidentally I use 30mm x 30mm bases, but the author reccomends basing some figures in a unit on double size bases, i.e. 60mm x 30mm as recommended by Baccus. I have started to do thi to ease speed of play, so a 6 base unit would be made up of 2 60mm frontage bases and 2 30mm frontage as the rules use base removal to show weakening of a unit.

PM Sjwalker51
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Essex UK ?
25th Aug 2017 06:59:58


Hi Steve

Can't say whether they're playing much 6mm at the moment, but there's an excellent historical gaming club, Essex   Warriors, who meet on Sundays at Writtle, just outside Chelmsford. 

I'm sure you'd find some willing opponents there. 







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