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TOPIC: Carolingian Franks
PM Low_Toby
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Carolingian Franks
29th Apr 2015 04:38:14

What do you all think would be good proxies for Carolingian Franks in 6mm?  I was thinking that for Carolingian horse the Gothic heavy cavalry (AGO03) would be a good proxy if I changed the battle standard, considering the fact that the Franks inherited a lot of the territory of the Goths, but foot troops are a problem.  According to Osprey, Carolingian foot troops are similar in a lot of ways in structure & equipment to Normans (EMN04), but they pre-date the kite shield that defines the Normans. I could use Saxon fyrd (EMA03), but Frankish troops were significantly more armored than the fyrd.  Anybody have any thoughts?

PM Mollinary
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Carolingian Franks
29th Apr 2015 08:14:25


What about the armoured Viking foot?


PM Low_Toby
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Carolingian Franks
29th Apr 2015 09:12:06

Good idea - I don't know how I missed them.  From whay I can find, the Franks used scale or chain mail shirts with round helmets and sword and spear (http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/3529/picture1am.png).  I think the armored viking spearmen would work pretty well.

PM Spangenhelm
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Carolingian Franks
3rd May 2015 03:35:25

All of these ideas are good.  You might want to look at the Saxon fyrd spearmen as rear rankers and at Norman archers, and Late Roman heavy cavalry, cataphracts and generals as well, to reflect their desire to appear at least retrospectively as Romans.   Much of the actual archaeological evidence looks more steppe inspired.

Here is a nice thread: http://www.myarmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=9561



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