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TOPIC: AWI French infantry
PM Hecoma
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AWI French infantry
2nd Jul 2015 11:11:24

Hi all,

What would you recommended for AWI french infantry? SYW french infantry with front and rear turnbacks (SFR03) or napoleonic french bicorne infantry (NFR10)?


PM Rakkasan
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AWI French infantry
3rd Jul 2015 01:35:35

Why not use SFR03, listed here:


PM Hecoma
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Posts: 45
AWI French infantry
3rd Jul 2015 09:10:48

Because the french SYW uniform cut is different from the AWI uniform.

PM peter
Posts: 383
AWI French infantry
6th Jul 2015 09:52:10

The problem is that the French changed their uniforms during the war.  Also there is a strong possbility that the newer pattern was not widely or uniformly supplied.  For the 1776 ordnance, the SYW figures are closest, for the 1779 ordnance, NFR10 is closer.  I've always regarded that the SYW figures do the best job overall.

- The Overlord
PM Harlequin
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AWI French infantry
6th Jul 2015 04:00:12

As always, Peter gives wise advice (no, Peter, I'm not looking for a discount ;) ).

I'm very much like you, Hecoma: a button counting, turnbacks, facings, et cetera, obsessive - even as a strictly 2mm - 6mm guy (for me even 10mm figures are these huge clumsy figures that are far too large for gaming - but then, that's just me).

Sometimes we have to let go and compromise. Yes, it hurts me too! I feel your pain!

Best of luck with the project! :)

PM Hecoma
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Posts: 45
AWI French infantry
26th Jul 2015 03:31:45

Thank you Peter for your reponse.

Harlequin - mon ami ecossais ! I promise to become a man of compromise ;)



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