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Portuguese Cacadores and Line Infantry
27th Jul 2015 08:49:40


Does any one have any ideas for models to use as Portuguese Cacadores and Portuguese Line Infantry? I'm building the Light Division for use with Lasalle and General de Division. I'm also very new to 6mm and Napoleonics, so apologies if I've missed something obvious.

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Portuguese Cacadores and Line Infantry
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27th Jul 2015 09:36:18

For earlier Portuguese line infantry and cacadores I used British infantry with Belgic shako (NBR14 - Line Infantry - Belgic Shako).  For later Portuguese line infantry and cacadores I used British infantry with the stovepipe shako (NBR01 - British Line infantry - Stovepipe shako).

One thing I do do is to differentiate troop type by formation on the base.

For line infantry I have 2 lines of 12 figures, one directly in front of the other.  With troops that are better than average (such as British Guards) I put the figures to the front of the base.  Normal troops would be towards the middle, and worse than normal (such as French provisional units) towards the back.

Light infantry (such as cacadores) are still in 2 lines of 12, but with about half a centimetre gap between the lines.

The rules I use differentiate heavy cavalry from 'light' cavalry i.e. other cavalry.  I base heavy cavalry in echelons (3 figures in a short line to the left of the base, 3 on the right of the base, 3 figures in a short line to the middle of the base, but about half a centimetre forward of their comrades to the left and right.

Other cavalry that is not irregular cavalry such as mounted guerillas or cossacks I put in one straight line of 9.

Irregular cavalry get put all over the base in a semi-random manner.

EDIT: With British Infantry, the stovepipe shako was the earlier.  Although the Belgic shako was supposed to have been introduced in 1812, it is an open question whether or not it was seen much in the Peninsular War.

The Portuguese shako that looked a bit like the Belgic shako was replaced by the stovepipe shako about 1810-1811, I believe.



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