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TOPIC: Mexican American war of 1846
PM Mollinary
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Mexican American war of 1846
25th Jul 2016 07:03:27

Wow!  Congratulations - those look tremendous!


Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Mexican American war of 1846
27th Jul 2016 06:58:33

They look really effective as US troops. Confederates can also be used as some troops wore slouch hats. Remember that the Mexicans ten years earlier wore the French style bell-top shako, but by 1846 had replaced it with a slightly tapering shako. One of the Mexican lancer units wore a uniform very similar to the Napoleonic Polish lancers. French senior officers are ideal for Mexicans. TBH the most difficult to find is the US infantry and you appear to have cracked that.

PM njt236
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Mexican American war of 1846
27th Jul 2016 09:03:07

They look brill.

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PM Hecoma
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Mexican American war of 1846
28th Jul 2016 10:33:15

Thanks guys



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