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TOPIC: Irish rebellion
PM John Simons
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Irish rebellion
John Simons
7th Mar 2016 09:25:05

I'm thinking of building a small force for the 1798 Irish Rebellion. The Irish are easy: Civil War club men and spanish guerrillas will do nicely. What about the government militias though? Cavalry I can use peninsular light dragoons. Infantry I'm thinking either AWI British or Napoleonic Prussians with bicorne. Any thought on which would be better or other ideas entirely. The AWI highlanders will do well for the Scottish feasibles such as the Reays.


PM matt
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Irish rebellion
9th Mar 2016 01:39:12

You might find the Spanish light infantry in tarleton will pass for British light Infanty, Spanish Dragoons in bicornes will pass for British earlier dragoons. 

British infantry ... Maybe french line in bicornes or early war Prussians and AWI British grenadiers will still look like grenadiers  




PM John Simons
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Irish rebellion
John Simons
9th Mar 2016 09:53:10

Thanks Matt. The shape of the Prussian hats might be just right. The Spanish in Tarletons will do for the the local  Yeomanry infantry as well.



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