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TOPIC: 1914 Hussars
PM pushing.tin
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1914 Hussars
26th Mar 2016 06:48:04

The latest addition to my 1914 forces, converted from Uhlans


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1914 Hussars
31st Mar 2016 11:55:34

Very nice job indeed. They certainly look like German hussars. I suppose the advantage of doing a headgear conversion, as opposed to using the FPW as proxies, is that you get the 1914 equipment and the dismounted figures.

PM pushing.tin
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1914 Hussars
31st Mar 2016 08:00:51

Indeed, but also all German cavalry in 1914 was lance armed. This is quite important in GWSH2 as lance armed cavalry get a melee bonus (assuming they manage to get into melee!).


For the same reason I'll be converting the Uhlans to cuirassiers and Dragoons, rather than using FPW ones. This just involves snipping the top bit of the uhlan helmet to make it more like a pickelhaube.



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