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TOPIC: Clive in India
PM hangarflying
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Clive in India
29th Jan 2017 04:28:51

Curious if anyone has any suggestions for proxies for British and French troops in India during the 7YW?

PM Le Comte de Froufrou
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Clive in India
Le Comte de Froufrou
29th Jan 2017 01:29:14

The European troops are easy; pretty much standard SYW uniforms. The EIC European regiments may have had straw hats, so the AWI round hat infantry could be used; paint the hats as straw.

Sepoys are a problem. I can't think of any figures in the current Baccus. You could mix in Crusader period Turkish and Mamleluk armoured cavalry.


As yet, Baccus don't do an Indian colonial rage. It's one I hope to see appear in the not too distant future.



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