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PM Spiers101
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ACW Project
23rd Apr 2015 08:23:48

My first attempt at painting 6mm i'm quite pleased with the results, just flags to add, C and C welcome! looking forward to picking up my order at the weekend at Salute and adding to these...









PM Wg Cdr Luddite
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ACW Project
Wg Cdr Luddite
27th Apr 2015 07:29:17

I like how the Reb's butternut colours camouflage them in the mud of the battlefield.


PM General Beltane
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ACW Project
General Beltane
14th May 2015 10:56:16

Love the figures 

Hope I can do them as well 

Good to see you paint 6mm as well as 10mm

Non Pasaran! Non Pasaran ! 

  • They Shall Not Pass
PM Spiers101
Standard User
Posts: 31
ACW Project
5th Jun 2015 06:34:15

Thanks for the positive comments, Have added flags (my first attempt at these, think they will improve over time!)

PM Spiers101
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Posts: 31
ACW Project
6th Jun 2015 08:50:11

I have thrown together a quick tutorial on how i painted my 'Ragged Rebels' it is available here:


Email Extra Crispy PM Extra Crispy
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ACW Project
Extra Crispy
6th Jun 2015 07:52:27

Nice looking figures. If I were to offer a suggestion it would be in the basing. At this size you want your colors to be lighter. I'd give them a good dusty dry brush. I'd also switch to smaller scatter - use some fine grained sand. The ballast you have there looks like really big rocks to my eye.

Naturally, YMMV!

Keep it up though!

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

PM Spiers101
Standard User
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ACW Project
7th Jun 2015 07:09:11

Cheers Mark, Base scatter is a little on the rockyside will try some finer ballast on my next bases, will be in contact re rules.

The recruiting offices from Richmond and Tallahassee have been busy and my next 7 bases are done;

and a couple of shots of all 11 batallions to date....

Artillary, Generals and Cavalry to follow

PM Spiers101
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ACW Project
17th Mar 2016 10:02:03


After a 9 month hiatus i have another 7 units done (Artillary and generals to follow). I have used a smaller balast this time










PM Gunnar
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ACW Project
20th Mar 2016 06:33:07

Looking good!

I'm hoping to get into 6mm ACW soon myself and stuff like this is really inspiring. Which rules will you be using for these lads?

PM adam west
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ACW Project
adam west
21st Mar 2016 05:43:36

Very nice! I dont know why but the ragged rebs look a lot more appealing than the neat Union to me! 



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