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TOPIC: The British of The Peninsular War
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The British of The Peninsular War
Drake Poldragon
15th Jul 2015 08:55:09

Hi, I recently decided to give Napoleonics a go, and seeing the Baccus range felt that 6mm was the way to do it. I ordered a few models to double check and was really pleased, the detail and quality is great, got me real excited for my first forray away from the gigantic 28-32mm models I'm used to. So this is where I've started, a first run through whilst I wait for the British vs. French starter set to arrive. After the pics are a few questions I have before going further. 

The 45th Line Regiment, First Nottinghamshire. 1st Battalion



Please ignore how poor the flags are, these are felt tip stand ins, one of the up coming qustions, otherwise I'd love c&c. 

Things I'm now wondering:

Where can I get flag images that I can print out, or if need be, where can I buy 6mm flags?

Am I correct in calling this a Battalion? Should I paint the men on the edges differently for the different Companies?

Main question: I'm expecting to play mostly hypothetical battles of the Peninsular War, however I'd like to build towards a full and accurate Order of Battle for an actual battle. Does anyone have recomendations on a good and interesting Peninsular War battle (Brits vs. French)? 

Thanks for any answers, and I hope you like my first unit



PM pushing.tin
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The British of The Peninsular War
15th Jul 2015 12:54:19

Hi Jamie,

Nice job on the figures!

I generally use flags from the napflags/warflags website, although Baccus also sell some (other suppliers also available!).

This could represent a battalion (depends on the rules). If so the flank companies would have slight differences in uniform (light and grenadier companies) so up to you whether you add these or not.

For battles it depends on what size of battle you are after. There are several interesting ones of various sizes, a suggested list to get you started of the more well known ones below up to 1812, generally speaking the later battles are the larger ones, so perhaps start with a small one and work your way up? For most of them you will also need either Spanish or Portuguese (or both)


Rolica (more of a skirmish really)




Talavera (incudes Spanish)




Barrosa (quite small, and doesn't involve Wellington)


Funetes de Onero



This is not a definitive list, just the more well known ones.


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The British of The Peninsular War
Drake Poldragon
15th Jul 2015 04:11:55

Thank you pushing.tin. I'll leave the flank companies untouched until we have a better idea on what rules we're using. 

Excellent list of battles, plenty to Google away and read up on. Spanish/Portugese allies are fine, all par for the course right? :) Next up are some skirmishers. 

PM peter
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The British of The Peninsular War
16th Jul 2015 10:25:52

We supply a huge range of pre-printed scaled flags for Napoleonics.  For the British, just go to https://www.baccus6mm.com/catalogue/Napoleonics/British/  and scroll down the page.  You'll see them there.

Great job for a first time with 6mm.  From here it just gets quicker and easier!


- The Overlord
Email Drake Poldragon PM Drake Poldragon
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The British of The Peninsular War
Drake Poldragon
17th Jul 2015 05:48:34

Thanks. I'll order some flags next aswell then. :)

They were fun to paint, it's a little diffetent mind set to the larger stuff, I found my self doing the sme brush stroke on each model and then starting on the next. Rather than doing all of a colour on a man at a time. Very efficent, I reckon I'll have them down to 75 mins a base after a few. 

PM Wg Cdr Luddite
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The British of The Peninsular War
Wg Cdr Luddite
18th Jul 2015 06:02:48

Just one suggestion- use a finer flock on those bases. The stuff you have used looks too coarse for 6mm.

Email Extra Crispy PM Extra Crispy
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The British of The Peninsular War
Extra Crispy
19th Jul 2015 03:09:38

I agree - improved basing will really help the figures pop. The Baccus basing set set works very, very well. I sell a similar set here in the US (though mine has a couple fewer steps than the Baccus set). The key thing is to fine very fine sand or ballast (if you use Woodland Scenics look for "fine" ballast, with maybe some larger mixed in). 

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

Email Drake Poldragon PM Drake Poldragon
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The British of The Peninsular War
Drake Poldragon
24th Jul 2015 06:50:33

Luddite, Crispy, thanks for the tip. I'll fish out some better flock. I was a little over anxious to finish the unit (hence the flags) so used the first flock I found, not smart. 

PM 6mmwargaming
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The British of The Peninsular War
5th Aug 2015 07:09:57

Yeah I'd suggest the Baccus flags. I tried to scale down some Warflags ones and they looked terrible. I think you can do it if the image is the right format and you have some good software.






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