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TOPIC: Medieval project
PM adam west
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Medieval project
adam west
8th Apr 2016 01:54:24

Beautiful, crazy but beautiful!

PM Katana_bob
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Medieval project
29th May 2016 08:37:33

Hi again.

Time for an update on the project me thinks...

We had our first game of the ImagiNation medieval project last week. I took my camera, but unfortunately only a handful were useable...

The armies of the Earl of Pembroke & his Cornish allies took on the mighty Eatons...

I managed to get a single shot of part of the Eaton battle line. Eaton Sr (Black/white) is in the foreground, Eaton Jr (Red/White) is in the distance.

The battle started with both sides in a crossbow duel, where the Earl of Pembroke eventually gained the upper hand. Pembroke unleashed his Knights (pictured below) in a wide outflanking maneuvre that broke through Eaton Sr's Norse allies.

Pembrokes foot (also shown above) pushed forward, then held the high ground, provoking Eatons Knights into launching a rash uphill attack...

Things didnt go well for the Eaton Knights... you could say it was a bit of an Eaton mess!

The knights were repulsed time & again as they attempted to take the high ground.

One of the funniest parts of the game was the challenges... In the command phase, Champions may challenge each other. The Eaton champion (a man of dubious morals) challenged one of Pembrokes champions to single combat. Eatons champion saw off this first champion with ease. Pembroke then issued a challenge from a nearby champion, hoping to even the odds, but he too was beaten back with sever injuries. As it turned out however, later in the battle, the Eaton champion had attached himself to one of his knight bases that was driven from the field. When we rolled for the outcome (on the Killed or Captured champion table), his "dubious" nature resulted in him feigning death, and escaping (unharmed) at the end of the battle... No doubt he would have many tales to tell of his er, heroic? deeds in the ale houses over the coming years.

In the end, the Earl of Pembroke was victorious.

I hope to get more & better photos next time we have a game of this, as we all really enjoyed the game & look forward to having another game really soon.

Cheers, Rob

PM 6mmwargaming
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Medieval project
18th Jun 2016 01:09:11

Beautiful painting!

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Medieval project
19th Jun 2016 11:14:12

I like that idea for areas of woodland.

PM 6mmwargaming
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Medieval project
26th Jun 2016 03:14:34

Yep, that is fantastic work

PM Katana_bob
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Medieval project
18th Aug 2016 11:46:33

Ive been busy on other things lately... started a new Blog too!

I've made a start on yet another force for the supposedly "small" project that a few of us started last year??

House Bartram...

And, some of his Militia (WiP)...

These are posted on my Blog... http://spiderminiaturepainting.blogspot.co.uk

Cheers for looking :-)

PM MykeCole
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Medieval project
18th Aug 2016 11:58:56

Great work, Bob. Would you be able to post any closeup pictures of these miniatures when you get a chance? I'd like to be able to see as much detail as possible so I can see how you did it.




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