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TOPIC: Some more FPW Prussians
PM Midnight Studio
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Some more FPW Prussians
Midnight Studio
3rd Nov 2015 06:18:21

Hi everyone, I'm new here, only having just joined the forum, so its with some trepidation that I show you my 6mm painting:

These Prussians are based for the '1870' ruleset. Constructive criticism of my painting and photographs most welcome. Cheers, Midnight Studio (http://midnightinthestudio.blogspot.co.uk)





PM ithoriel
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Some more FPW Prussians
4th Nov 2015 03:39:49

Very nice indeed.

Not my period (about 4000 years too late!)  but they look good to me.

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Some more FPW Prussians
4th Nov 2015 07:57:42

Definitely my period. I particularly like the thick skirmish line in front of the more closely packed troops. Tried 1870 but found the scale of the battles too unwieldy. I now use Bloody Big Battles, which accommodates even the likes of Mars la Tour on a 6'x4'.

PM Midnight Studio
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Some more FPW Prussians
Midnight Studio
4th Nov 2015 11:20:08

Thanks everyone. I know what you mean about the '1870' rules. And my regular gaming friends complained it played too much like 'simulation' as opposed to a game, although that suits my tastes. I've had a quick flick through Bloody Big Battles, but never played it.


Email Paul OG PM Paul OG
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Some more FPW Prussians
Paul OG
4th Nov 2015 10:55:54

No trepidation required, those are gorgeous.

I've wanted to do FPW for a long time and have no doubt that one day I will (currently in the depth of a 6mm ECW project).  When I do I hope they out as nicely as yours.





PM 6mmwargaming
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Some more FPW Prussians
8th Nov 2015 01:21:42

Very nice work on those. I'm also painting some Prussians for the 1870 rules but have yet to try them. I like how you based your skirmishers.



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