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TOPIC: First Try: Napoleonic French
PM oppi
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First Try: Napoleonic French
26th Feb 2016 03:32:53

Here are my very first painted 6mm figures ever. In fact im not a experienced miniature painter, only did some boardgame stuff with rather cheap colors. For Baccus i bought regular Miniatur paint and i hope to start my FPW Project next week. These Napoleonics were just a test run :)

I might switch to white Primer though, since i can see the details better. Cheers



BTW: Lovely miniatures and Buildings to paint !

PM Gunnar
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First Try: Napoleonic French
26th Feb 2016 06:11:35

Looking good!

The basing is also great, in 6mm it's an extremely important part of the overall look and you've got a good thing going here. 

Best of luck with your project!


PM adam west
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First Try: Napoleonic French
adam west
26th Feb 2016 06:28:13

Excellent! They dont look like a first attempt! looking forward to seeing your FPW miniatures.

PM njt236
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First Try: Napoleonic French
26th Feb 2016 07:04:21

That's pretty good


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PM Glenn Pearce
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First Try: Napoleonic French
Glenn Pearce
26th Feb 2016 07:44:45

Hello oppi!

Good stuff, you nailed it right out of the gate. Well done.

I used black primer for years and found it worked fine if I was only doing a fast paint job with few details and dark uniforms. If I wanted to be able to see the details better or were using bright colours then I used a white primer. After a while I realized that black primer was making even the dark colours too dark and the whites were never really white. I now use white for everything and all of the figures look a little brighter. You need all the help you can get to make colours stand out when painting 6mm figures.

Best regards,






PM oppi
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Posts: 27
First Try: Napoleonic French
26th Feb 2016 10:25:46

Thank you for your kind words !

The bad camera really helps my figures to shine :) The basing system from Baccus is superb, so not really hard to do. I can´t wait to get my FPW starter pack, should arrive in 2-3 days. Until then i need make some more homemade Terrain :)



I think i will use white primer for my big project. I´ll post some result as soon as i have some





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