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PM rsjahn
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Great Northern War
14th Mar 2016 04:57:34

Hi guys,

I have started a repainting program of my old GNW-Figures - they where the first I tried years ago, and I think, I'm better in painting now. However... this is what the Russians are looking for, the swedish baggage train, guarded by second battalion of Dalregiment:

The center of both lines, the baggage train in the background:

The Swedes in more detail:

Swedish Lifeguard and part of the first Battalion of Dalregiment to the left:

And the Russians:

 Left russian flank - the Swedes started a counterattack with just one squadron against four. That did not work...

On the russian right flank the allied polish cavalry is prepairing its attack, Hussars and Pancerni in the first row, Cossacks behind (the generals are still in my old painting-style):

The swedes where successfull in holding the center, but the flanks where overwhelmed by the russian and polish cavalry, so in the end everythink was lost, including the baggage train.

Cheers, Ralf

PM hwiccee
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Great Northern War
14th Mar 2016 05:09:03

Absolutely fantastic figures. Well done.

PM Peter the Swede
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Great Northern War
Peter the Swede
14th Mar 2016 06:02:49

Awesome figures. I like the basing - the units look very authentic. 

PM njt236
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Great Northern War
15th Mar 2016 03:32:14

Absolutely love Polish Winged Hussars.

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PM Gunnar
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Great Northern War
15th Mar 2016 12:39:14

Great stuff!

Even though I'm Swedish and thus a bit biased in this particular conflict, I especially dig your Polish troops - I have a 28mm Polish army myself and absolutely love the colorful and flamboyant look of those Hussars, Cossacks and Pancernis.

And of course, in 6mm you really get that massive feeling that is sadly lacking in the coarser scales...


PM 6mmwargaming
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Great Northern War
17th Mar 2016 07:22:54

I agree, amazing work

PM adam west
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Great Northern War
adam west
21st Mar 2016 05:27:01

Beautiful! The Great Northern War is on my 'to do' list. The double rank cavalry and triple rank infantry look outstanding.



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