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TOPIC: How Fast Is Painting 6mm Really?
PM Leftblank
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How Fast Is Painting 6mm Really?
12th Apr 2016 12:47:05

Busy with painting for Bl├╝cher. Watched the clock to be able to compare this project with an earlier 15mm speedpainting project. I wrote a paint blog with pictures, here.

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PM hangarflying
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How Fast Is Painting 6mm Really?
12th Apr 2016 07:19:16

In the very short amount of time that I have been painting 6mm, I have come to the conclusion that painting 6mm is a lot like watching Bob Ross paint one of his pictures: up close and in progress, it just looks like a jumbled mess of crap, but you get to the point where you're adding those last few finishing touches, and the magic spell is completed, and a jumbled smudge of vari-colored crap looks like a miniature happy little soldier.

PM cardophillipo
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How Fast Is Painting 6mm Really?
12th Apr 2016 09:56:19

Too true, just done my first unit of French 1914 Cavalry (Cuirassiers) and all the time I was painting them I was thinking not sure if these will look any good but when they were finished I was really pleased with them.


Richard P

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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How Fast Is Painting 6mm Really?
13th Apr 2016 06:24:39

I speed paint by using white undercoat, bright colours and then a wash of Army painter ink.

PM tdumontelle
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How Fast Is Painting 6mm Really?
17th Apr 2016 02:55:20

I too am painting for Blucher.  I did a test unit of infantry and cavalry and it took about 4 2 hour sessions.  I completed the French starter box in about a week and a half.   I am currently painting a 300+ point Russian force and I find that I can paint any part (jacket, pack, musket, horse) in an assembly line and it takes about 3, 1 hour sessions.  And that is about 30 infantry units, 20 cavalry units and Artillery. I mount my strips to popscicle sticks - 5 infantry strips to a stick.



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