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TOPIC: Janissaries around 1700
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Janissaries around 1700
18th Apr 2016 07:59:39


my first Janissaries:

I did a lot of research and my conclusion is that there never was a uniform colour for units of Janissaries before lets say around 1800. Up to then all ottoman manuscripts I could find show Janissary units in rainbow-colours. I have found one from early 18.ct. where in one picture you can clearly see a unit of Tufekcis all in red and a second unit of Janissary in green, blue, red, yellow. This fits with their selfunderstaning as warriors and not as soldiers in a western sence.

The colours are still a bit of a mystery to me. The casting with horsehair tugs seems to be wrong to me, so I cut them of; colours where in use for units. The red hand on white is a badge of an Orta, also used on tents and as a tattoo, but it looks like there where a lot of different colour types in use. This may have changed again at the end of 18.ct.

For the polemos rules I rate them as AP, but give them an additional attack potential (like Swedes without pike). Sometimes they behave like skirmishing infantry in this rules, so they will be a formidable opponent on the table.

Next I wil try some Levents, but their 'uniforms' are way more mysterious than that of the Janissary.

By the way, more different types of infantry for the ottomans like Azabs and Tufekcis would be really great...

Cheers, Ralf

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Janissaries around 1700
18th Apr 2016 08:50:52

They look terrific.



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