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TOPIC: Team Yankee 1861
PM Andreas Hofer
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Team Yankee 1861
Andreas Hofer
29th Apr 2016 01:33:47

.....trying to paint a new Union Army......I believe it is the fifth XD



PM Hecoma
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Team Yankee 1861
30th Apr 2016 01:40:57

Fabulous work!!!

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Team Yankee 1861
30th Apr 2016 07:37:13

They really are the dog's. Puts my stuff to shame. Love the basing as well.

PM peter
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Team Yankee 1861
2nd May 2016 04:08:19

Andreas, they are INSANELY good. 



- The Overlord
PM Gunnar
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Team Yankee 1861
3rd May 2016 07:32:06

Agree wtih the above posters - fabulous work!

PM rsjahn
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Team Yankee 1861
3rd May 2016 06:27:49

Really incredible, as usual. Or maybe even better. 

PM Andreas Hofer
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Team Yankee 1861
Andreas Hofer
3rd May 2016 07:29:19

thanks to all......

......5th New York City Infantry regiment



PM Grenadier
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Team Yankee 1861
4th May 2016 07:19:11

Andreas, lovely work, as per usual. Remind us how you make bayonets.  Which rules are you basing these for? ( I can never keep up with you),  Command and Colors, Altar of Freedom, Polemos.... (Those die boxes make for good Strength indicators for AoF or skirmish level for Polemos).  I am finally going to begin my own, long delayed ACW project for use with Polemos and AoF.  BTW, I'm fiddling with AoF for regimental level play.


PM njt236
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Team Yankee 1861
4th May 2016 08:50:49

Have you fitted your own bayonets???

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So as through a glass and darkly The age long strife I see Where I fought in many guises, Many names but always me.
So forever in the future Shall I battle as of yore, Dying to be born a fighter But to die again once more.         

                G S Patton

PM Andreas Hofer
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Team Yankee 1861
Andreas Hofer
12th May 2016 06:49:13

The bayonets are made of paper 

The basing is for 3 gaming rules , Black Powder , Command and Colours and new German rules calles Kugelhagel (  bullet hail )  The Dice boxes are for stamina (BP), Blocks  (Command and colours) .





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