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PM korangar
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First Ever 6mm Romans
26th Oct 2016 05:03:24

Hello All,

Somewhat new to the both the site and to painting 6mm miniatures.  These are my first attempts at painting 6mm Roman Legionaries, Auxiliaries, and Auxiliary cavalry.  I know I need to do a better job on the bases next time around.  Need to use a stronger bond of glue for the sand a need to paint the figure bases a dark brown rather than green to get a better match with the bases.  Overall, though, I wasn't too unhappy with the result:

PM MykeCole
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First Ever 6mm Romans
26th Oct 2016 12:19:10

I dunno, man. Those are pretty damn good, especially when you consider it's a first go.

In my admittedly limited experience, pretty much all PVC glues are the same in terms of how well they bond sand. I would recommend either ensuring you have more complete coverage, or letting the sand sit in the glue longer before shaking off the excess and moving on to the flock.

That said, the bases look fine, in my opinion. If you hadn't drawn my attention to them, I wouldn't have blinked.

PM njt236
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First Ever 6mm Romans
26th Oct 2016 01:34:46

I agree mith MykeCole. Those are pretty impressive for a first attempt.Are those shield transfers on the legionaries?. I never had the patience to apply them so painted my shield designs. For the base edges have you tried going a shade lighter. I use Vallejo  Olive Green. It pretty well matches the colour of the static grass so doesn't produce such a contrast between the two.

I paint on undiluted PVA glue to the base and dip it into the sand. Once dry I dry brush the sand a stone effect colour. When dry I then dilute some PVA glue and paint it over the base sand leaving some areas bare. I then put the base in my plastic box full of static grass so as to cover the whole base. Taking an old paint brush I tamp down the grass onto the base and leave for a few minutes. I then take it out and tap the underside of the base so all the loose stuff falls back in the box. Once completey dry I then spray the figures and grass with matt varnish.



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PM rsjahn
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First Ever 6mm Romans
26th Oct 2016 03:03:44

For glueing I usually use PVA-glue ("WeiƟleim" in german, I'm not sure about the translation). You can dilute it with water and use a syringe to dribble it on the sand. When it is dry, it is hard like cement. Its the same method used for fixing gravel for model-railway tracks.

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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First Ever 6mm Romans
26th Oct 2016 05:12:39

Well I think they look pretty good!

PM BRCooper
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First Ever 6mm Romans
1st Dec 2016 11:48:39

Those look very good! I am also doing my first 6mm army, Romans as well but late republic.

How did you do the shield designs, are they painted or transfers? I've been looking for a shield painting tutorial (or even comments about 'how to') but haven't found much.

PM korangar
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First Ever 6mm Romans
3rd Dec 2016 07:01:55

Thanks for the kind replies.

The shield designs are transfers, available from Baccus6mm.  I've done a bit of shield painting with the Germanic Barbarian army I'm putting together, but I've mainly just stuck to simple geometric patterns.  I've found a 20/0 or even a 30/0 size brush works best.

The shield transfers really do produce a nice effect for those of us without the patience or skill to hand-paint shield designs.  Just make sure you get the following additional supplies: Mico Set, Micro Sol, and some sort of clearcoat.  Micro Set helps the tiny shield transfers adhere to the surface of the miniature better; Mico Sol "melts" the transfer slightly to help it conform to the contours of the shield and give it the "painted on" effect.  Clearcoat protects the transfer after it dries.  Instructions for all of this are included with the shield transfers themselves.

PM Le Comte de Froufrou
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First Ever 6mm Romans
Le Comte de Froufrou
4th Dec 2016 04:45:16

They look grand. Remember most people are going to be at least 3 feet away, not close up.

They'll look superb in a game.

PM Chris Jorgensen
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First Ever 6mm Romans
Chris Jorgensen
4th Dec 2016 08:14:46

Just to repeat what has been said, these are pretty darn good for a first go A unit of these guys for warmasters ancients was my first go at painting Baccus minies as well, (painted 6mm for epic for many years) those shield transfers are tricky.

PM 6mmwargaming
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First Ever 6mm Romans
10th Dec 2016 04:45:31

I'm agreeing with everyone, fanatasdtic work



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