Bank Holiday Monday saw a long held dream of getting to play Gettysburg on Table Top with some lovely mini's.

I have finally finished my ACW forces and in this game the Confederates are my figures from the great Baccus range...

Gettysburg Day 1 002 Iron Brigade Defend


Album of the game here

The rules were BBB Bloody Big Battles and a short AAR: -

Day 1

The action focused around Gettysburg itself and the Rebels made numerous attempts to gain the town. Each time the Union forces managed to repel the attacks but not without losses and set backs.

Day 2

The action continued around the Northern end of Gettysburg and more assaults were thrown at the town with the last one of the day seeing the depleted Union troops finally retreating from the town which by now (variable rule) had become an objective for the Rebels.  The beer never tasted so good for the rebel troops when they hit the market square in town.

The other nexus of action was at the Southern end of the battlefield with the rebels trying to take the Round Tops. This was helped by the over eager Union commander who sent his troops forward to spoil the attack and found themselves surrounded in the Devils Den and they ultimately remained there dead as they were cut to shreds.

This over eager advance gave the Confederates the victory location on the Tops and they also managed to gain the orchard as night fell.

With 2 locations held Day 3 opened and it was a draw with all to play for. However due to some circumstances beyond the control of the players we had to wrap the game up early and after some consideration it was called as a draw. Both the Confederates and Union had some options but with only 3 turns left it was more likely going to be a draw....

What a fantastic day of gaming and an item off my bucket list although I am sure we will get to play this great scenario again. Especially as I have bought enough Baccus figures for both sides they are painted and ready to go. Just need to persuade my better half to crack on and paint me the map...

Hope you enjoy the photo's and later this week I will post a photo report on the completed forces showing my Union and Confederates. These will both see action at Historicon in July 2017 where I will be running another BBB scenario for people to enjoy.