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TOPIC: Now I see the detail!
PM Munds3
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Now I see the detail!
11th Aug 2017 06:02:25

Glenn thanks, I'll try your method!

Here's sone 1814 Prussian Landwher.  Doing a b lack paint then white dry brush did not work as well.  Also the Windsor Newton #1 brush has made a huge difference. 

PM Glenn Pearce
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Now I see the detail!
Glenn Pearce
11th Aug 2017 08:17:15


Your welcome. Your Landwher look great. FYI, if you want your colours to be slightly brighter use a white primer. If you want to speed up your painting use a black primer. Where you miss painting the black looks like a shadow or crease. Everybody has to find their own style and rhythm. The hardest part is ensuring that your paint flows smoothly. Everybody also has their own size of brush. I do most of mine with a 10/0, while others use a #1 or #2. The difficult part is maintaining your point. Not that it matters much but some yellows and white sometimes require a second swipe to get a solid colour.

Looking forward to seeing some finished units.

Best regards,


PM 6mmwargaming
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Now I see the detail!
12th Aug 2017 10:43:14

I found this painting guide to be a wonderful step by step guide. He pops up on this forum cocasionally with some amazing work so check out the rest of his blog.


PM Munds3
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Now I see the detail!
17th Aug 2017 12:06:11

Update, finished some more!  Still learning these figures and figuring out what not to paint!   The prep of skeletal bone and soft tone hrlps!  

PM mangemani
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Now I see the detail!
17th Aug 2017 09:23:33

aah, these i remember from FB:), and i give you the same advice here as i gave you there, keep it simple:). just focus on the things so that you can see which army and which regiment the figs represent, you dont have to do any more than that. skip all the tiny buttons and stripes on the cufs and all that, that is way to much work for 6mm and to be honest, no one will ever notice small buttons and other tiny details when you got hundreds after hundreds of figs ranked up. when going 28mm or larger, yeah, then its all about the details, but 6mm, nah



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