Highlanders with Claymores

These Highlanders were originally Highland Bowmen. I wanted a more close combat Highland rush feel for my stands.  The Claymores are made with straight pins and braided metal beading wire.  The hilts are there but are very hard to see.  

Highland Flag man

The baccus flagpoles are to flimsy for me.  I replaced them with a straight pin.  It is fairly straightforward.

Irregular Dagger axemen

These guys are Japanese retainers.  They have straight pin dagger axes.  This is not as sturdy as I originally thought.  Soldering brass wire is much more durable.

Regular Dagger axemen

These guys resemble the terracotta warriors from the C'hin dynasty.  The helmets are sanded down.  The dagger axes are made from thin brass wire.  

These Irregular crossbowmen are Japanese retainers.  Their crossbows are straight pins and braided beading wire. 


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