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TOPIC: Lower quality of the Dutch Napoleonics?
PM Leftblank
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Lower quality of the Dutch Napoleonics?
8th Nov 2015 10:04:47

I painted Prussians, French Guard and Dutch infantry for a Waterloo demo game this week. Somehow I had the impression that the Dutch infantry has a bit lower sculpting quality than the Prussians, the details were less elevated so more difficult to paint. All artillery figures (British, French and Prussians) also were harder to paint than the infantry.

Not that I really care - I mean, 6mm, 1 meter distance, general look is excellent, I just wondered if I'm the only one who thinks that some Baccus Napoleonic armies are better sculpted than other Baccus Napoleonic armies.

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PM Glenn Pearce
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Lower quality of the Dutch Napoleonics?
Glenn Pearce
9th Nov 2015 08:21:38

Hello Leftblank!

I've painted all of the same figures that you did and lots of others. I can't say that any of them were a bit lower sculpting quality. Some were not as fast to paint, but that had more to do with having different uniforms. The Dutch line have a more complicated shako to paint as does anyone with cords.  The Dutch line were slightly thinner then the Prussians and French Guard, which does mean that some of the detail would be a bit finer. I found that part easier to paint, as very often it was just a dab rather then a brush stroke. I thought the Dutch milita were some of the best figures I've ever seen or painted. I just loved them.

I think all of the artillery figures for all the countries are very similar, but yes they are different then the other infantry. I would say that has more to do with the various poses that the artillerist are in, and their different equipment rather then anything else. It's easy to get into a flow of painting when doing ranks of infantry. For artillerist your always moving them around which slows you down for sure.

When I first got the Brunswickers I noticed that they were sculpted in a different style then I had seen before and was curious as to how they would paint up. Well I liked them so much that I ordered more to use for my Nassau battalions.

The Napoleonic line is HUGE and a number of different sculptors have been used over the years so your bound to get some differences. I think it's just amazing that they have all managed to produce figures that are clearly "Baccus".

I do, however, understand your comments and can see why you might feel that way. I just don't think that "better" works for me. I like "different".

Best regards,



PM 6mmwargaming
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Lower quality of the Dutch Napoleonics?
16th Nov 2015 10:20:02

Yeah I agree with you. I painted Prussians and Dutch Belgians for Waterloo this year and the Prussians are very nice, while there seemed to be 2 distinct styles of Dutch/Belgian infantry. The DB figure tend to be slighter but like Glenn said, they need finer brush strokes.

For the artillery I think it because they are cast sideways on a strip unlike the infantry. It can be hard to paint the front of the figures well unless you cut them up first. I just finished some FPW artillery tonight and found it a pain to get the faces right.

But overall the are very nice and an improvement on the first generation Napoleonic figures.




PM Whirlwind
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Lower quality of the Dutch Napoleonics?
29th Nov 2015 06:31:15

"I thought the Dutch milita were some of the best figures I've ever seen or painted. I just loved them."

Me too. 

(I have been holding off for a couple of years on doing the Prussian Army as I am waiting/hoping for them to be re-done in the same style as the new British and Netherlands' troops.



PM peter
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Lower quality of the Dutch Napoleonics?
1st Dec 2015 05:05:36

The DBs are actually much newer sculpts then the Prussians.    The latter are actually a little long in the tooth as far as these things go, and the cavalry and artillery are possibly up for a resculpt in the coming months/year or two.

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