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PM jbickley00
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Modelling BUAs
14th Sep 2016 12:27:00

I'll try and get some pictures for you. The key thing is to remember that you are making the BUA smaller to conform closer to terrain, So raising the villages sort of defeats that.  A good example of my methodology can be found in the the pictures of the mini gettysburg game peter did. He used 2mm buildings with 6mm figures and the results are wonderful.

PM bushs
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Modelling BUAs
21st Sep 2016 07:18:04

Hi Dourpuritan,

How did you go about making you battle mat in the photo you attached?

Hi Jbickley00,

Had any luck finding some photos yet? Those photos of the mini gettysburg game and some of the photos on the 6mmacw website is what got me interested in using 3mm/2mm buildings.



PM keithabarker
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Modelling BUAs
21st Sep 2016 12:00:27

Steve wrote: "I must admit I've been eyeing off the TBM stuff for some time but at 1BW=300yds I'm never going to be able to put a TBM Hougoument on the table and call it Hougoument."

I chose to use Irregular Miniatures' Hougoument because it is the smallest 6mm model I found (100mm x 80mm) and it still has buildings that are taller than a 6mm figure and look somehow right! If you assume that the model represents not just the chateau but the entire complex with even the orchard, formal garden and kitchen garden then the size is not totally unreasonable.

I attached a couple of photos, although my painting doesn't do the model justice...



PM Glenn Pearce
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Modelling BUAs
Glenn Pearce
23rd Sep 2016 12:25:10


Hello Keith! I bought the entire Waterloo collection from Irregular for the same reason. Although a number of the buildings are the same you can mix and match them up anyway you want. It allowed me to make most of them a little smaller which was the goal. I could not resist putting up the garden wall for Hougoumont as it just added that classic look. I did shorten it. Also we gamed with all the battalions on the table so it didn't look too big. At least nobody said anything other than that looks great.






PM keithabarker
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Modelling BUAs
23rd Sep 2016 01:04:06


Yes Irregular have a nice range. I have their La Haye Saint too my Papelotte is a mixture of some scratchbuilt buildings from modelling putty together with some of Irregular's buildings! All worked very nicely togther on the table! Although I skipped their La Belle Alliance because it seems to include the barn that was added after 1815.

Been playing Command & Colors rules so I needed a reasonably small Hougoument for the base game. But for the latest expansion they have a smaller unit scale Hougoumonr scenario so I need a 2-hex walled garden and a 4-hex orchard. Now I am busy adding the garden wall!


Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Modelling BUAs
23rd Sep 2016 02:37:09

The illustrated battlemat on the previous page is very easy to produce, and relatively inexpensive compared to commercial products. I used a lime green faux mink throw from Amazon, which is quite a bit bigger than 6'x4'. It cost about £18. On a dry, sunny day I threw it over the washing line and randomly sprayed it with two cans of acrylic. One was a darker green than the throw, the other, brownish, one was advertised as sand. This worked very well as the throw itself can look slightly different coloured, depending on which way the fibres are lying. The picture shows the short pile side of the throw. On the other side the throw has a longer pile and is great for 28mm skirmish games.

PM bushs
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Modelling BUAs
28th Sep 2016 06:51:10

Hi Keith/Glenn,

I like the Irregular option and good point about using Hougoumont without the garden.

Hi DP,

Faux mink has got me thinking.

Have you had a go at making a patch work field design at all? I'm trying to work out what average size to make the fields if I were to go down this path.

I had a look at the Waterloo battlefield area using google earth to get a handle on what the field dimensions should be. I'm thinking that maybe the fields may have gotten bigger over time assuming equipment/farming technology has made working larger fields more commercially viable...





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