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PM BoomBoomBoom
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Painting Methods
24th Aug 2015 11:27:03

Hi All

I heard that there are many different painting methods for painting 6mm. Please can you post some links showing how to do some of the different methods ?


Email Extra Crispy PM Extra Crispy
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Painting Methods
Extra Crispy
25th Aug 2015 03:48:26

Hi BoomBoom:

As far as I'm aware threre are three basic methods.

1) Basic block painting: this is just like coloring from when you were a kid. Just stay inside the lines, and nothing fancy. No shading, no washes, just paint and go. This is my method.

2) Dip: As #1 but then use one of the shading products/mixes. One the "dip" is dry, highlight again.

3) As #1 but with shading and highlighting.

I wrote a how to a few years back: http://deepfriedhappymice.com/html/ht_6mm.html

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

PM I am a spambot
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Painting Methods
I am a spambot
26th Aug 2015 06:13:44

One variation is what colour to undercoat the figures.  I used to use black, but find that I now prefer to use a white undercoat.  The 'dip' I use with white undercoat is diluted floor polish with a little peat-brown ink added.

Black undercoats are frequently used in conjunction with dry-brushing, whereas white undercoats tend to be associated with dipping.

With black undercoats, I used to have trouble with reds, yellows and greens.  I have tried using pale grey paint before these colours, and also dry-brushing undercoated figures fairly strongly with white or pale grey.

I have heard of people using grey undercoat, and also people using undercoat of the main coat colour.

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Painting Methods
26th Aug 2015 08:11:45

Nice and simple:

1. Prime with white.

2. Paint using the block-in method. Use light tones of the colours you want.

3. Apply a coat of satin varnish by hand - I use Vallejo.

4. Apply a black or brown wash. I use either diluted floor polish with black ink or Army Painter soft tone ink.

5. If it needs it dab highlights at this stage.

6. Apply a coat of matt varnish. I use Windsor and Newton Galeria Acrylic Matt Varnish, slightly diluted, applied by hand which avoids the problem of frosting.

I make a bit of an effort with faces by painting brown and then highlighting with sunny tone flesh all in stage two. Here are some Bavarians I did recently using floor polish wth black ink as the wash. I did not feel the need for highlighting beyond this stage.

PM Whirlwind
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Painting Methods
28th Nov 2015 10:55:42

Doctor Mike, who does the brilliant 6mm painting clinics on the show circuit, uses coloured basecoats.  You can get some idea of the techniques here: https://cranium27.wordpress.com/category/6mm/6mm-painting/



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