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TOPIC: Norman/Saxon advise
PM VikingLeif
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Norman/Saxon advise
19th Nov 2015 03:20:51

I have yet to receive the figures but looking for advice on how to paint these figs

a: black base coat with metal (sliver) drybrush

b: silver base followed by black washes

PM njt236
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Norman/Saxon advise
19th Nov 2015 07:02:54

For me everything is undercoated black

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PM ithoriel
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Norman/Saxon advise
20th Nov 2015 03:24:10

Yep, I'd black undercoat them too. I tend not to drybrush but to block in colours, wash the figure with inks or with Army Painter quickshades and then pick out highlights.

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PM Cerdic
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Norman/Saxon advise
21st Nov 2015 07:09:06


If you google Norman or Viking or Early Medieval re-enactors and look at photos of people wearing actual mail, it appears to be various shades of grey. Unpainted helmets look a lot shinier.

I find the best way to get this look is to undercoat in black. Mail areas I dry brush in grey then a very light dry brush in oily steel. Helmets I just paint in oily steel.



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