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TOPIC: What are you working on?
PM Dave
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The '45
17th Jan 2015 12:17:10

Using a blend of ECW, AWI, and SYW codes I am finally embarking on the '45 in 6mm. Now someone just needs to make 6mm tartan paint, preferably in a spray so I can use it for quick basecoating.



PM Gizmo1101
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What are you working on?
17th Jan 2015 10:31:44

I'm totally new to 6mm and am really excited to be starting my Polybian Roman Army for DBA which arrived the other day. Very happy with my choice and think that 6mm will provide a great visual set to the DBA rule set, also something I have only just started playing :)

PM Whirlwind
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Mainly Additional Napoleonics
17th Jan 2015 03:52:17

I'm busy finishing off:

Some Napoleonic French infantry in greatcoats, Carabiniers and artillery

Some Napoleonic Austrian cavalry and Grenzers.

A few more bases of Napoleonic Spanish infantry.

A couple of bases of ECW Cuirassiers.

I'm trying to finsh everything before Hammerhead, which will be tight.



PM steve1
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What are you working on?
18th Jan 2015 04:07:15

At present I've just finished basing my ECW forces and am about to start with my Napoleonic armies. Then it's painting time. Did I mention that all my figures (due to limited space for gaming) are 2mm scale blocks from Irregular Miniatures. But when using two blocks on a 30mm x 15mm base they look quite good, so will see at the end how the armies look.

PM Dranask
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WWhat are you working on?
18th Jan 2015 10:21:24

Goblins for a warmaster army in 10mm, the 6mm goblins look right, small scurrying instead of chunky.
In the pipeline Dacians to fight against my Romans, I'm embarrassed at how long I have had them on the back boiler.
And loads of Naps, my new wife generously bought me Russian, French, Dutch & Austrian starter packs as I already had the Prussians. These Naps have also been around a while but not as long as the Dacians, I got them before the wife!

PM gorgarrak
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What are you working on?
19th Jan 2015 02:01:35

I'm new to 6mm, I'm working on a load of WW2 mid war Soviets for Battlegroup Kursk. I'm about to place my first order with Baccus for some ACW limber teams as they look the easiest to turn into Soviet horse teams with scratch built Universal Limbers.

PM Yorkshire_Pud
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WHat are you working on?
19th Jan 2015 06:24:45

I'm just finishing off the some Napoleonic Russians before moving onto the French as part of an 1814 project I'm working on.

I've posted pictures on my blog: http://comesbritanniae.blogspot.co.uk/






PM njt236
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What are you working on?
20th Jan 2015 05:09:36

Where do I start. Currently finishing off an Early Imperial Roman Legion. 10 bases. Just have to put the grass on with those. Then onto painting my Roman fortress. Mick from Leven Miniatures is producing the various buildings, walls and gatehouses for me. Then onto my 16th c Poles vs Cossacks. I'm getting a trouser moment just thinkiing of those Winged Hussars. I've just put in an order for my 5th - 9th c Dark Ages Britain campaign. It will include a lot of armoured/unarmoured Vikings with Goth heavy cavalry used as proxies for the Saxons and Franks. Late Roman infantry/Cavalry for the Sub-Romano British Civitates and another load of Vikings with Goth heavy cavalry as proxies for the Welsh of Dyfed, Powys and Gwynedd. There's a whole load of ACW which have  been undercoated to do as well. Then there's my Quatre Bras Allies and French.  Only Picton's Division is complete with those. (I haven't even bought the French yet). I am greatly anticipating the release of the WWII range although Peter's address to the Nation states the range won't be out until late 2015. That should give me time to paint all of the above. (Some hope of that happening!!!)


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PM HestonFan
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What are you working on?
21st Jan 2015 05:11:16

I have some 6mm DbA SumerIams on the table.  I am also working on some 6mm German DaK infantry squads.  I assure you my next project will be either Baccus DbA or Baccus 6mm FiW miniatures.



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PM John Svensson
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What are you working on?
John Svensson
21st Jan 2015 01:38:40

Good to see there are other dbx players on here in 6mm, DBA and 100-150 point DBM (along with later era dbx offshoots...) are my rules interests.   



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