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TOPIC: What are you working on?
PM Le Comte de Froufrou
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What are you working on?
Le Comte de Froufrou
22nd Jan 2015 08:37:49

Finishing the GNW Swedes and Russians I bought years ago. Then more AWI Rebels and French aliies. After that, WSS French and Allies.

When that lot are finished, it might be Napoleonics or Nineteenth century. We'll see.

PM Fig.ht
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What are you working on?
24th Jan 2015 05:49:43

Just received the following:

  • WSS Austrian AP
  • WSS Bavarian AP
  • WSS British AP
  • WSS Dutch AP
  • WSS French AP
  • AWI British AP
  • AWI Rebel AP

Will start on these literally tomorrow morning.  I will start a thread and post photos as they progress through the stages.  :o)

PM Cerdic
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What are you working on?
25th Jan 2015 07:07:26

Mainly Napoleonic Bavarians at the moment. I'm aiming to do the whole army in 52 figure Infantry battalions and 24 figure Cavalry regiments! About half way through, so far.

I also have sitting around some Romans, Normans, and the beginnings of a Great War project. 

PM 6mmwargaming
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What are you working on?
27th Jan 2015 06:57:41

Three 6mm projects at the moment!

1. Waterloo allies- Almost finished my Dutch Belgians and I am waiting for my Prussians to arrive. Using Fast Play Grand Armee

2. FPW Prussians - I have about 1 corpcompleted for the 1870 rules

3. Basic Impetus darks ages - finished Late Romans and starting on Anglo-Saxons

PM Jozi's Tin Man
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What are you working on?
Jozi's Tin Man
27th Jan 2015 01:55:16

In alignment with my goal of purchasing no figures in 2015 and finishing at least some of my half done projects...

I have restarted painting my WSS project.  That I first started in 2004. (ironically, right when Peter is getting ready to remaster the range)

I have just finished a stack of 28mm Pulp figures and I had forgotten how much a joy 6mm figiures were to paint!  I am doing Anglo-Dutch and French, for each side will end up with:

  • 18 bases of Foot
  • 12 bases of Horse / Dragoons
  • 4 bases of guns

Currently about 2/3 done with the French and under the brush right now are the regiments Lee, Grender, and Normandie and two bases of Bavarian Curassiers.

Wish me luck, will post pictures to my blog when I have something to show.

Email Paul OG PM Paul OG
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What are you working on?
Paul OG
27th Jan 2015 11:16:59

Its not me but my awesome mate Alan is painting me up an ECW Royalist army to fight against his dastardly roundheads.  He just sent me this nice pics of the Foot units all ready for battle!

- cant seem to upload a pic, so here is a link to it instead:






PM Harlequin
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What are you working on?
2nd Feb 2015 10:17:05

To hwiccee: Many thanks. Not near your area, I'm afraid, but in South West Scotland. Decided that I will be painting soon, but mostly to sell to generate some more cash, if possible, and perhaps keeping the odd unit back for myself. Haven't painted for over twenty years (so have decided on ACW to start, being a little easier to paint), and had an injury seven months ago resulting in a certain amount of stiffeness in the last three fingers of my right hand. Still, here's hoping...

PM hwiccee
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What are you working on?
4th Feb 2015 10:54:26

OK and good luck :)

PM Glenn Pearce
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What are you working on?
Glenn Pearce
5th Feb 2015 01:04:46

Down to the wire. Last year finished the Allied army at Waterloo and Quatre Bras. This year have added some missing French for the same battles. Now the Prussians for Ligny, do you know how many Landwehr units were there! Too many!!

I've only had about 30 years to prepare for this, but I can blame it on Peter as I have been waiting for him to finish those French that I was missing!

PM Bigpeteriley
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What are you working on?
7th Feb 2015 09:59:32

Just planning a painting job for Normans and Saxons to with the "Edge of Swords" in developement rules for Polemos Early Medieval.

Have not painted in many years now so will post up pictures of my efforts, dont expect much.....


"Well, I can't stand around here doing nothing, people will think I'm a workman"



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