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TOPIC: What are you working on?
PM Harlequin
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What are you working on?
7th Feb 2015 04:35:51

Hi, Glenn!

Hope we're going to be seeing some photos of that lot some time, Landwehr and all!  

Good luck with the project.





PM SaigonSaddler
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What are you working on?
9th Feb 2015 10:34:11

Saxon/Viking shieldwalls and boarsnouts

Grotesque font urinator


PM Rakkasan
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What are you working on?
14th Feb 2015 12:08:20

The Baccus Dervish Army that I purchased at Salute many moons ago for The Sword and the Flame and some GHQ and Adler WW2 to play "I ain't been shot, Mum" (IABSM) and/or Chain of Command.

Progress is slow - the camels from the Dervish set are giving me fits.  Just can't seem to get the colors right.  

Email Paul OG PM Paul OG
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What are you working on?
Paul OG
15th Feb 2015 10:13:23

My mate and I are working on our 6mm ECW project and have started a joint blog to show pics etc.  We are looking forward to our next Baccus order so we can take the war north to Scotland! 







PM warwolf1969
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What are you working on?
19th Feb 2015 10:04:44

Painting up my SYW troops, have Austrians and Prussians.

PM I am a spambot
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What are you working on?
I am a spambot
25th Feb 2015 12:35:15

I bought a second-hand, mostly unpainted Austrian Napoleonic army that I am just starting work on.  I will be needing to buy a few extras in a few weeks, though.

PM Bezmozgu
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What are you working on?
25th Feb 2015 12:02:54

Trying to finish up my Napoleonic Peninsula French, British, and Portuguese with Russians waiting in the wings and Prussians ordered and hopefully on the way soon.


Virginia, USA

PM lilljonas
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What are you working on?
20th Mar 2015 10:05:38

I'm back on the 6mm wagon after the club went all in on 28mm WW2 for a while. Now I'm painting up the last unpainted medieval japanese I had, and then I'll aim for getting enough of them to have two large opposing forces. At the same time I'm trying to get the club hooked on Lasalle in 6mm, so I need to paint up a French army to oppose my old British army. So I forsee painting quite a few hundreds of 6mm this spring and summer. :)

PM fritzschlottman
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What are you working on?
22nd Mar 2015 12:26:43

Just ordered a couple of boster packs of Prussian napoleonic infantry.  Recently sold 6mm Austrian and French armies.  I've been looking for Prussians in 6mm on various boards just to get some samples, but decided to take a leap of faith based on how pleased I was with the Austrains.  Have some Old Glory 10mm.  Love the Russians, but the French are a bit ho hum.  Hoping Peter brings back the old command packs.  I like big battalions for Austrians and Brits and smaller for the Russians, Saxons, etc.  I'd like to do 24 or 32 figure battalions and big and small cavalry units.

PM bhall389
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What are you working on?
24th Mar 2015 09:47:39

Prussian, Imperial French and Bavarians for the FPW. Basing madly for Hotlead 2015 this weekend.

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