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TOPIC: What are you working on?
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What are you working on?
Extra Crispy
15th Apr 2015 05:20:25

Next up, a battalion of French Legere for my "big units" Napoleonics project. Here is the start: gluing the strips in readiness for priming.

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

PM Irondog
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What are you working on?
18th Apr 2015 01:36:26

Right now working on some FPW Prussians for Bloody Big Battles, followed by Bavarians, Imperial French, Republic French and then probably the various iterations of Austrians for the same period. Unfortunately, I only have the Prussians so far!

After that I'll probably be working on Russo Turkish War, although I still have to decide what I would have to get to make that one work!

PM SaigonSaddler
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What are you working on?
20th Apr 2015 03:59:33

Norman crossbows, French Napys, Romans, French Napys, Greeks and French napys.

Grotesque font urinator


PM 6mmwargaming
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What are you working on?
28th Apr 2015 07:35:46

I've been lifting the pace on my Napoleonics to finish my stuff in time for the Waterloo 200th Anniversary. So for I have finished

4 Landwehr Infantry bases
4 Line Infantry bases
2 Dragoon Bases.
2 Landwehr Cavalry bases
All the generals

Dutch Belgian
1 Heavy cavalry
2 Light Cavalry
3 Line Infantry
1 Nassau Infantry
4 DB Artillery bases

Infantry are 48 figures per base with a few skirmishers and a gerneral figure. The cavalry are 24~ figures per base and the gunbs are 2 guns and crew per base. I didnt get limbers for the Dutch Belgian artillery but I could probably use French ones.

Another player has some more Prussians and a few British units, while the third player has all the French and the rest of the British/British allies.

I also managed to squeeze in 3 units of FPW Prussian cavalry for the 1870 rules


PM Hohenlohe
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What are you working on?
12th May 2015 11:17:52

Just about to start painting every revolutionary and napoleonic army that ever was :)

PM 6mmwargaming
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What are you working on?
22nd May 2015 11:02:48

I've finished painting (but not basing) another 3 Prussian cavalry units for Waterloo and most of my Generals and all my Liimbers. With just under a month to go I am not going to try and finish as many prussian infnatry as I can!

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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What are you working on?
12th Jun 2015 03:31:08

Just about to complete my first unit of Bavarians for BBB Froeschwiller. Also working on some Total Battle Miniatures 3mm building tiles and roads, which work really well with the 6mm figures. Have also bought some Paper Terrain 3mm buildings which again work great with 6mm BBB and GWSH2.

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