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TOPIC: English Civil Wars Flags
PM Maurikios
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English Civil Wars Flags
2nd Jul 2017 09:01:03


being an amateur in things ecw, can someone point me to a book about flags or tell me the basics?

Are there basic differences between royal and parlamentarian flags and how many flags would contain one battalia?


With kind regards


PM Mollinary
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English Civil Wars Flags
2nd Jul 2017 09:46:44


Hi Johannes,

The best place to start, for most things on ECW is the BCW Project.  There is a Regimental section on the website, which has a sub-section of 'Articles' this contains a brilliant beginners guide to ECW flags and standards. In essence most regiments on both sides seem to have used a similar system, but some individual regiments had unique systems of their own, Prince Rupert's and the King's Lifeguard being two cases in point. If you still want a book Caliver Books carry an excellent pamphlet style book by Stuart Peachey and Les Prince called ECW Flags and Colours 1: English Foot. Good luck!

PM Maurikios
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English Civil Wars Flags
3rd Jul 2017 05:04:10

Thanks! Will check out the site and perhaps the books.

PM peter
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English Civil Wars Flags
4th Jul 2017 09:04:57

I have a basic introduction here https://www.baccus6mm.com/PaintingGuides/ECW/

I'd agree that Peachey and Prince is the single best work on the subject and is highly reccomended.  

There is some site on the internet offering what it claims to be fully researched colours for every regiment in the ECW.   Use this with HUGE caution.   90% of the colours are speculative with no proven source.    They are OK to use if you have to, but they can't be taken as anything other then fantasy flags.  

The number of colours in a Battalia could vary.  A battalia of c500 men may simply be one half of a large regiment divided into two for battlefield deployment.  In this case, there would be 4-5 colours, presumably of a uniform design.

In many cases, a battalia would be formed by amalgamating a number of small and understrength formations.   The number of colours would then depend on the number brought in by the constituent units, and they would be of different designs.

The ECW is seldom straightforward...


- The Overlord
PM Maurikios
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English Civil Wars Flags
5th Jul 2017 06:36:06

Did not notice the section on this site, confuses things even more ... I guess regarding uniforms and flags we just have to accept that the era of industrial standardisation did not start well into the 20th century (as looking on really different shades of fieldgrey WW2 uniforms taught me).

Although I am willing to give the small ecw guys some uniforming paint even as I know they did wear whatever was available.




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