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TOPIC: Early Vs Late Romans
PM tdumontelle
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Early Vs Late Romans
11th Jul 2017 01:34:43

I am getting ready to dive full into ancients with Hail Caesar and To the Strongest. This is all new history to me... Looking at Romans and am wondering what are the general years for Early Vs Late Roman Baccus codes.

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Early Vs Late Romans
11th Jul 2017 07:02:38

The Republican Romans cover the period from about 300BC to about 100BC.

The Marian Romans cover roughly 100BC to about 30AD

The early Imperial from about 30AD to about 250AD 

The late Imperial cover most stuff post 250AD

Of course there will be periods of overlap, eg. during the invasion of Britain in 43AD some of the legionaries would still be wearing mail whilst others would have been supplied with the lorica segmentata.

PM tdumontelle
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Early Vs Late Romans
16th Jul 2017 12:45:28

Perfect.  Thanks. 



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