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PM tdumontelle
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vallejo acrylics
14th Nov 2017 03:26:08

Shake them hard  for a bit and roll them to mix them well.  I don't usually dilute them in water, but I do wet the brush a bit while painting to get the consistancy I want. For 6mm I don't dilute much at all.   I have run out of a few vallejo colors over the years, but they last years if capped.  I still have the first German Fieldgrau bottle I bought in 2002 and have painted many armies with it.  Also, clean the nozzle before capping.  Most of my paint loss has been when nozzle crud created a gap that let the paint dry out.

PM Elenderil
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vallejo acrylics
30th Nov 2017 08:39:52

If you haven’t used acrylics before then you need to experiment a bit.  I have settled on a system of pre shading.  I undercoat white (using a Halfords white aerosol primer) thena wash using GW Agrax Earthshade or Windsor & Newton Peat Brown ink.  I thin the acrylic paint to let the undercoat and shade show through and block paint. 

Others undercoat black and paint the high spots in a denser colour.  Vallejo is good for that as they have good pigment density.  You do need to give them a really good shake and I second the suggestion for a ball bearing in each bottle.  I have gone from old Humbrol Enamels to acrylics like you have.  I wouldn’t go back if you paid me.  The colours mix well and cover well.  I do suggest buying a drying retarder as acrylics dry faster than enamels although water works almost as well and you do get used to the shorter set edge time.





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