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TOPIC: Using 3mm terrain
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Using 3mm terrain
Extra Crispy
15th Aug 2015 08:54:19

You have to buy golden brown and paint it I'm guessing!

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

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Using 3mm terrain
17th Aug 2015 10:05:05

I love that base cloth. It's a lime green faux mink throw from Amazon; much bigger than 6'x4' so works well with terrain shapes placed under. I also randomly sprayed it on the clothes line with patches of darker green and a sandy colour.

PM jbickley00
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Using 3mm terrain
9th Oct 2015 03:11:57

Langton miniatures makes some fantastic 1:1200 builings which I use in my gaming. Due to space, I play most of my games anymore at half scale, so that my 3x5 table becomes a 6x10. I confess that miniatures smaller than 6mm have been  disappointmen for me, too much detail is lost. But the combination of 6mm miniatures and 3mm terrain is very very effective,  With a little expansion, I can play Auterlitz or Mars la tour, or Gettysburg on a dinning room table.



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